Name: Karen Ni
Grade: Junior
Major: Human Biology and Society, Entrepreneurship minor
Career interest: Consulting, Technology

Q - What got you interested in consulting?
A - I attended UBS’s Business Showcase at the beginning of my freshman year, where I heard from upperclassmen and alumni who shared their experiences in various fields and roles in business. I was immediately drawn to consulting because of the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in a variety of industries, as well as the challenging and results-driven nature of the work.

Q - Any advice to students pursuing the same career path or internship experience?
A - Learn as much as you can about the field(s) you are interested in by attending related events and information sessions or talking to peers on the same path. It helps to have a network of people by your side who are learning and going through the same things.

Q - What should people do at least once in their lives?
A - Plan a spontaneous trip! I traveled a lot this summer - nowhere too crazy, but I decided last-minute to visit Boston and San Diego, and they were two of my favorite trips I have taken.

Q - What interview tips do you have?
A - When preparing for an interview, visualize yourself in a room with the interviewer in front of you. This can help calm your nerves because it tricks the brain into thinking that the interview is not a new and intimidating experience. I also like to go over interview questions out loud by myself — it might sound crazy, but it works!

Q - What are your 1-, 5-, 10-year goals?
A - In one year, I’d like to have a good idea of what I might be doing post-graduation. In five, I hope to be living and working in the Bay area, and in 10 years, I’d love to be settled in enough to adopt a puppy or two.

Q - Best advice someone has ever given to you, in general or in relation to your career interest.
A - “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door” has helped me through both personal and professional experiences alike.

Q - What are some resources you like to use ?
A - UCLA’s Career Center, BruinView (the Career Center’s job portal) as well as friends/peers.

Q - What do you like most about UBS?
A - Everyone in UBS is so friendly, open, and always willing to help. I’m always motivated to grow and continue trying new things because of the support and resources that UBS provides.

Q - What did you do last summer professionally or for fun?
A - This past summer, I interned at Leidos, a company that utilizes information technology to improve the national defense, civil, and health industries. I also traveled to New York, Denver, Canada, and Boston.

Q - If you could recommend one book to your peers, what would it be and why?
A - I love Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and have recommended it to so many friends. It’s a book meant to encourage women in the working world, but I really believe that her advice, experiences, and anecdotes will benefit anyone, regardless of gender or career interest.

Q - Why did you choose to major in Human Biology & Society?
A - I’ve changed my major almost 10 times, but I’m so happy to be studying HBS. It is an interdisciplinary major that combines a life science and social science, allowing me to take a variety of courses that equips me with both a technical and liberal arts oriented background.

Q - Favourite class at UCLA so far and why?
A - I loved Phy Sci 5, a class on nutrition and exercise. Dr. Esdin is hilarious and engaging, and he makes the class concepts very applicable to our lives as college students.

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