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What is the Undergraduate Business Society at UCLA? What kind of services and resources does it offer?
UBS is the largest student organization dedicated to the professional development of aspiring business students at UCLA, and the only one to encompass every industry that might be considered business-related. Our mission statement emphasizes our ability to educate undergraduates on a wide variety of industries, provide students with networking opportunities, and prepare students for success through the recruitment process and beyond the walls of UCLA. UBS’ extensive slate of career-oriented workshops, industry-specific networking events, and exclusive partnership with the UCLA Career Center make us the premier business organization at UCLA.

What areas does UBS cover? Is it just restricted to Consulting, Investment Banking and Financial Services?
UBS covers some of the most competitive industries in business such as investment banking, management consulting, finance and corporate business. UBS is not at all restricted to these fields; we welcome members and firms involved in film and television production, marketing and advertising, sports and entertainment, and any other industry with a relevant business/finance component. Please visit our general events page to find out more about the events we host for these firms.

What are the benefits of sponsoring UBS? Why is UBS the premier business organization at UCLA?
UBS is the largest student organization at UCLA with an annual membership of over 5,000 students. Our industry nights and career fairs typically draw around 500 students each, while announcements and job postings sent through our server reach all 5,000+ of our members. UBS also maintains close relations with the UCLA Career Center, UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, the UCLA Economics Department, and Partnership UCLA.

UBS’ extensive resources and experience with undergraduate recruiting cycles is what sets us a cut above the rest. A strategic partnership with UBS is one of the best recruiting tools at UCLA to build a firm's reputation on campus, recruit top candidates, and market job opportunities.

What kinds of sponsorship are there?
General Sponsorship allows firms to participate in the Annual Jobs & Interships Fair, host an individual information session, and have access to the UBS Listserv.  Financial Services Sponsorship includes all of the General Sponsorship options plus admittance to the fall Financial Services Night. Consulting Sponsorship includes the General Sponsorship options plus admittance to the fall Consulting Night and access to the Consulting Workshop resume book. Investment Banking Sponsorship includes all of the General Sponsorship options plus admittance to the fall Investment Banking Night and access to the Investment Banking Workshop resume book.

What kinds of companies sponsor UBS?
Companies from all sectors and of all sizes sponsor UBS. Annually, we host over 100 firms at our various career fairs, including Bain & Co., PIMCO, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Deloitte, and many more reputable firms.

Who should I contact if I am interested in sponsoring UBS or have any questions?
You can contact Payton Rockwood, our Corporate and Alumni Relations Chair, here.