How do I become a member of UBS? How do I gain a leadership role in UBS?
Individuals who sign up for our list-serve are considered general members of UBS. By signing up for our list-serve you gain access to information about all of our events and corporate partnerships.

To become more involved, apply to join one of UBS’s six committees. Applications are sent in the Fall via our list-serve, while applications for UBS Board positions are released in the Winter. For more information about our committees, please visit our UBS Board page.

Why should I join UBS? Can I join if I am not a Business major?
UBS is open to students of any major and year. If you are interested in pursuing a professional career in finance or want to develop your professional recruiting network, UBS offers the tools to do so. Joining UBS requires no mandatory time commitment, although our fall General Meeting is generally heavily attended.

What's the difference between a UBS Board position and a committee member position?
Committee positions allow students to gain experience and guidance working on a venture of UBS that interests them. UBS board members typically begin as committee members and are expected to tackle the logistics of developing, promoting, and executing the various workshops and fairs their respective committee is responsible for.

Where can I find the Undergraduate Business Society?
Like our Facebook page, follow us on LinkedIn, subscribe to our weekly email blast and connect with individual UBS board members through their LinkedIn pages. We actively post upcoming recruitment opportunities on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, in addition to sending weekly emails on our server.