Annual Jobs & Internships Fair Industry Overview

The 2019 UBS Annual Jobs & Internships Fair will be held this Thursday, January 17 in Ackerman Grand Ballroom from 7:00-9:00 pm. This is a recruitment-focused career fair that allows employers to showcase internship and full-time opportunities in various industries such as finance, consulting, accounting, sales, marketing, etc. The fair is open to all students at UCLA. The purpose of this article is to provide students with a better idea of what industries are offered and which firms within each industry will be present.


Description: Accounting is the language of business. It is a system that identifies, records, analyzes, summarizes, and reports financial information for the use of decision makers. Whether it is for a Fortune 500 company or a small firm, accounting tracks every financial activity of an organization.

Firms in Attendance: Ernst & Young, KPMG


Description: Marketing agencies are hired to cultivate and manage the relationship between customers/clients and the company product, be it a service or good. They are hired by organizations to foster brand identities, launch new products, and ultimately increase a company’s customer base.

Firms in Attendance: Golin, Hawthorne Direct, Internet Brands, MarketCast Group, WPromote


Description: Consultants are hired by firms to provide expertise to help them maximize their profitability or effectiveness. Essentially, they are problem-solvers for hire, or brains for rent. Although there are a variety of consulting firms that specialize in specific fields, many firms do work for a variety of industries and allow their entry level consultants to be generalists.

Firms in Attendance: Accenture, Palm Tree Advisors, Transom Consulting Group, TM Financial, Triage Consulting Group, ZS Associates

Financial Services

Description: Financial service companies manage money for individuals, companies, or nonprofits. They lead the world in regards to equity market capitalization and earnings. Financial service companies can be quite large, but there are also a diverse range of small companies.

Firms in Attendance: Dimensional Fund Advisors, Northwestern Mutual, MUFG Union Bank

Investment Banking

Description: Investment banking is the business of raising money or capital for businesses or governments. Firms also advise their clients on financing and merger opportunities. Investment banks sell debt and equity, i.e. stocks, bonds, or loans, to investors in order to raise cash. After they are issued, the securities trade in the open financial markets.

Firms in Attendance: Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Intrepid Investment Bankers


Description: A nonprofit organization is exempt from federal income taxes because it serves the public. The mission of a nonprofit can vary among education, religion, charity, science, and much more.

Organization in Attendance: Teach For America

Real Estate

Description: The real estate industry includes the development, appraisal, marketing, selling, leasing, and management of property. It ranges from the management of residential and commercial to agricultural and industrial properties.

Firms in Attendance: James Capital Advisors


Description: Sales businesses are consistently contacting potential customers of their products or services in order to sell them their goods. Whether it is informing the customers of features and benefits, negotiating prices, taking orders, or answering questions, sales workers must be persistent. If you have good interpersonal skills and enjoy meeting people of all different backgrounds, then sales may be the profession for you.

Firms in Attendance: Gallo Winery, Target


Description: The technology sector deals with the research, development, and/or distribution of goods or services that are technologically based. This includes businesses that operate around the manufacturing of electronics, creation of software, computers, and much more. This is a fast growing industry that is constantly innovating and provides an array of products and services for both individuals and businesses.

Firms in Attendance: AvantStay, Internet Brands, Oracle, ZipRecruiter

If any of these industries are of interest to you, we highly recommend conducting further research prior to the fair. Keep in mind, the specific positions available within each firm may vary, and every company has positions outside of its core industry. For further preparation, take a look at our article regarding event etiquette here. Be sure to visit as many firms as possible to make the most out of your time at the fair, and we look forward to seeing you there!