UCLA Business Organizations

With over 1,000 clubs here at UCLA, it can be cumbersome to align your passions and interests with the various opportunities on campus. Among the challenges that undergraduate students face, finding an organization that is the right fit should not be one of them. For those interested in pursuing a profession within business, feel free to navigate through these brief descriptions and personal testaments of the many business-focused organizations at UCLA. You will see that these organizations offer opportunities that are not found in the classroom and can help take your ambitions to the next level.

Many of these organizations will be featured at the UBS Business Showcase on Wednesday, October 10th from 6-8pm in the Bruin Reception Room. Come out to meet members in person and learn more about each group!

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. Our main objectives include: 1. To further the individual welfare of its members; 2. To foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; 3. To educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; 4. To promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration.
Bruin Actuarial Society

The Bruin Actuarial Society serves as a liaison between the UCLA student body and the professional actuarial community. They provide students with the resources and opportunities necessary for a future career in actuarial science.

Bruin Asset Management

Bruin Asset Management is a student-run mutual fund that hopes to create an interactive, hands-on, and practical way for finance-inclined students to go through simulated stock pitches and investor presentations. BAM hopes to develop skills and abilities of members including but not limited to delivering presentations, teamwork, financial modeling, research, and others. BAM intends to prepare students for future professional careers in finance and create a network of motivated individuals who share common interests.

Bruin Advertising and Marketing Team

Bruin Advertising and Marketing Team is a student organization established to educate and provide a better understanding of the marketing and advertising industries. To compensate for the lack of marketing and business majors, Bruin Advertising and Marketing Team serves to acquaint students with the industries by hosting informational sessions with distinguished companies, to provide networking opportunities and to promote recruiting efforts between students and marketing, advertising and public relations firms. Bruin Advertising and Marketing Team will prepare students for internship and full-time recruiting by providing in-depth presentations on industry specific topics, including branding, search engine optimization, social media and so forth.

“Bruin Advertising and Marketing Team is a quirky, creative, and entirely student-run advertising agency.” – Emily Leung, Media Planning Director

Bruin Consulting

Bruin Consulting is a management consultancy dedicated to helping businesses navigate the strategic challenges of the 21st century. They partner with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to deliver innovative and high-impact solutions.

Bruin Hedge Fund

Bruin Hedge Fund is a student-led finance organization that focuses on making its members better investors and preparing them for successful careers in finance. This is achieved through managing a real-money fund and training members on topics such as valuation, financial analysis, and financial modeling. BHF members go onto work in fields such as investment banking, consulting, corporate finance, and financial advisory.

Bruin Investment and Trading Group

Founded by undergraduates at UCLA, Bruin Investment and Trading group aims to provide the forum and resources necessary for students’ success as investors. We are UCLA’s only investment organization that combines fundamental and technical analysis to react to today’s constantly changing financial environment. Members gain a working understanding of both fields while applying them to their individual portfolios in order to gain hands-on experience. From hosting guest speakers, training sessions and workshops to organizing and competing in stock-pitch and portfolio competitions, BIT Group looks to improve the quality of UCLA's undergraduate recruitment in the Investment Management and Banking industries. Our weekly meetings include discussion on current economic events, reviewing both fundamental and technical stock-selecting strategies, workshops, stock pitches, and intra-club competitions.

Bruin Real Estate Association

The Bruin Real Estate Association is dedicated to providing its members with the skills and connections necessary to succeed in the highly competitive fields related to commercial real estate investments.

Bruin Value Investing

Bruin Value Investing is a student managed investment fund on campus with members from various majors and career paths including private equity, investment banking, investment management, and consulting. The group monitors public equities and pitches selected stocks as potential under-valued buy opportunities.

“Bruin Value Investing is a student-run investment fund that provides a fun yet challenging learning environment for anyone interested in business and finance.” – Johnny Yan, President

Bruin Women in Business

Bruin Women in Business is UCLA's premier female business association that aims to help students achieve their career goals and development the skills needed to obtain the careers they want to achieve.

“Bruin Women in Business is a welcoming environment for students to connect with peers who share a similar interest in different business related fields!” – Tatiana Bouri, President

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is the premier business fraternity that provides a generalist business foundation for members to learn and specialize. Implemented to further students’ knowledge of the business world, Delta Sigma Pi’s professional events and workshops help provide the tools in developing prospective careers.

Latino Business Student Association

Since its inception in 1994, the Latino Business Student Association (LBSA) at UCLA has experienced dramatic growth. From its founding class of less than ten members, it has blossomed into an organization serving a membership of over 250 students. LBSA at UCLA has been an official chapter of United Latino Student Association (ULSA) since Fall 2016, demonstrating our efforts to expand and grow our organization professionally. ULSA is the mother chapter of all the Latino Business Student Associations (such as LBSA at UCLA) and therefore becoming part of ULSA is an achievement of growing professionalism and expansion. As a student organization our goals are as follows:

  • Raise awareness of career opportunities in business and serve as a networking resource by hosting various events with our corporate sponsors.

  • Help members develop leadership skills.

  • Promote academic success and professionalism.

  • Encourage community conscious professionals via involvement in our Adelante Tutoring & Mentoring Program.

  • Work, collaborate and network with other schools within ULSA

Pi Sigma Epsilon

Pi Sigma Epsilon is a professional business fraternity specializing in the advancement of the sales, marketing, and management professions. We are a not-for-profit, co-ed organization with over sixty active chapters and roughly 50,000 members nationwide including alumni. The Eta Epsilon Chapter at UCLA began in 2015. With future generations, we hope to excel and ensure the growth of the fraternity at our college campus and our members so they are fully prepared to enter the business world.

“Pi Sigma Epsilon, UCLA’s premier (and only!) business marketing fraternity, is a diverse community of ambitious undergrads focused on helping each other achieve professionally.” – Shana Vu, President

Sigma Eta Pi

Sigma Eta Pi is a co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity founded on the principles of diversity, innovation, and professionalism. Each of our members, in over 20 different majors, is dedicated to carving their own path and making an impact in their field.

Student Accounting Society

The Student Accounting Society (SAS) at UCLA aims to help students learn more about the accounting profession. We hold weekly meetings during the academic school year that help SAS members and students get exposed to the accounting field. Every year, we host events with some of the largest accounting firms in the business. This gives students an opportunity to meet some of their potential employers. As officers, we encourage anyone interested in accounting to check out our events and weekly speaker meetings. SAS is here to help you establish a network with some of the premiere firms in the business as well as answer any questions you may have about accounting.


Connecting American, business-minded students to the Israeli economy through experiential learning, pro-bono consulting, and stock-research competitions.

The Bruin Group

The Bruin Group is an organization of student consultants working to provide quality, pro-bono advisory services for startups and non-profits. We partner with clients in a variety of industries to provide innovative and effective solutions.


“UConsulting is dedicated to providing UCLA undergraduate students with the resources and experience to break into the consulting industry, regardless of major, class standing, or experience.” – Josh Manansala, President