GET TO KNOW UBS: Logan Walker


Name: Logan Walker
Grade: Senior
Major: Economics
Career Interests: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds

Q- What are some great career resources you like to use?
A- The best career resources are the people a few years older than you. They went through exactly what you’re going through now, and they came out the other side successfully, so asking them as many questions as you can and trying to learn from them is the best way to help yourself professionally.

Q- What interview tips do you have?
A- Stay confident. Much easier said than done, but if you just realize that they wouldn’t be interviewing you if they didn’t already like you, it really helps you relax and walk in feeling prepared.

Q- What do you like most about UBS?
A- What I like most about UBS is the connections you make. This organization has some of the most intelligent, hardworking people I’ve ever met and surrounding yourself with these kinds of people only motivates you to work harder.

Q- Any memorable internships or professional experiences?
One of my favorite internships was sophomore summer when I was at FocalPoint Partners. The culture was relaxed and helped me learn to be comfortable in an office setting and be professional, but never take myself too seriously.

Q- What has been your greatest challenge at UCLA so far?
A- Trying to find an open squat rack at Wooden has always been pretty tough for me.

Q- Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished and why?
A- My mom definitely impresses me everyday with how much she’s had to overcome throughout her life. She managed to raise two kids while volunteering, going to school, and working part time.

Q- What are your best memories of UBS?
A- My best memories of UBS would be working with the Investment Banking committee to mentor the 2017-2018 Investment Banking Workshop class. I really enjoyed helping them navigate the labyrinth that is recruiting and see them become successful.

Q- Choose one food to have for the rest of your life.
A- Chicken, brown rice, black beans, mild salsa, and guac (I know it’s extra).

Q- What’s on your bucket list this year?
A- Hike the Fjords in Norway.

Q- What do you like to do for fun?
A- I love to play basketball, go running, and go on backpacking trips with friends back in Oregon.