UBS Industry Nights Etiquette

Our annual UBS Industry Nights are happening this week. This is an incredible opportunity to interact with industry professionals, and it is important that you put your best foot forward to make your most favorable impression. In order to achieve optimal success at these events, it is important to be prepared in four key areas of recruiting etiquette: dress code, research, introduction, and questions. Below are general guidelines to consider for each of these topics:

Dress Code

Before you say a single word to a recruiter, you have already made a strong impression to him or her based on your attire. It is important that you are well-groomed and present yourself in a polished and professional way, appropriate for the industry for which you are interested in. Below are generally accepted guidelines for the Business Professional dress for these events:


  • Full suit in conservative color

  • Tie

  • Dress shirt

  • Dress shoes that are well-polished


  • Suit, skirt, or pantsuit in conservative or neutral color

  • Skirt at a conservative length, at or below the knee

  • Business blouse that is well-fitted and not too revealing

  • Hair, makeup, and jewelry should be simple and conservative

Your clothing should be ironed, well-fitted, and comfortable so you look relaxed and at ease during the session. Additionally, you do not want to look flashy or inappropriate, as you want to make a professional impression.


It is imperative that you take the time to do background research so you are prepared in your conversations with the interviewers. Know basic information about the industry and the firms that are attending the session so that you can ask intelligent and thoughtful questions. This will help you stand out among the hundreds of students that they will meet because it will demonstrate that you are serious, informed, and enthusiastic about your career interests.


Body language and what you say to introduce yourself are both very important in making a good impression. Below are a few important guidelines:

  • First and foremost, SMILE!!! You are having a conversation with a person and you want to show your social side. Don’t be a robot!

  • Your body language should always be confident, professional, and relaxed. Show that you are interested in what they are talking about. Don’t be slouched and careless.

  • “So tell me about yourself,” “Walk me through your resume,” “Why are you here today?”

  • These are questions you are very likely to be asked either at these events or at an interview.

  • Your answer should be no longer than a minute, and it should tie in your past experiences, interests, and why you are here today.

  • Example: “Sure! I am a sophomore here at UCLA and I’m very interested in learning more about your company. I was first introduced to business through some management and economics classes, and, since then, I have made an effort to learn as much as I can. My professional experiences thus far are more focused on the marketing field, but I am interested in the dynamic and problem solving nature of consulting, so I’m here today to learn a bit more your company and the work you do.”

  • DO NOT MEMORIZE A SCRIPT, but rather a few key topics you want to talk about.


Ask meaningful questions about what you want to know, rather than trying to make yourself stand out. Here are some general dos and don’ts that can help you form the best questions:


  • Ask about things you are interested in

  • Ask questions that will allow you to distinguish one firm from another

  • Ask about the recruiter’s personal experiences at the firm (projects, team environment, etc.)


  • Ask questions you could have found the answer to with a little research

  • Ask questions trying to impress

  • Ask questions about another firm

Good Examples

  • What skillset do you think you developed most at your time at [Company]?

  • What was the most memorable project/deal you have worked on at [Company]?

  • What made you choose this company/industry?

Bad Examples

  • What does a consultant do?

  • What is your opinion about the trade war with China?

Final Notes

  • Keep updated copies of your resume and be ready to hand it out and talk about it.

  • Ask for a business card at the end of the conversation if possible.

  • Make an effort to take notes on what you talked about after the conversation is over. Don’t take them during the conversation as this could come across as rude.

  • Keep in mind that these are suggestions based on past experiences and recruiter feedback. Following these tips will make you look sharp at these events, but being yourself is how you really stand out.

  • Enjoy yourself!

Best of luck to you all at the UBS Industry Nights! Just remember that all of these individuals were once students, just like you, so they understand what you are experiencing. Be your confident self, try to engage with the representatives on a personal level, and enjoy the opportunity to explore your career interests and internship prospects!