Name: Darryl Tan
Grade: Senior
Major: Financial Actuarial Mathematics major with a specialization in computing
Career Interest: Investment banking, finance and technology

Q - What do you like most about UBS?
A - My favorite part about UBS is the ability to meet like-minded people who are equally passionate about finance and more importantly, work together to make an impact on the financial community at UCLA. Retreats are pretty sick too.

Q - What networking tips do you have?
A - Be genuine and make an actual effort to get to know who’s on the other end of the line. Networking is much more than checking off a list.

Q - Any advice to students pursuing the same career path or internship experience?
A - Be proactive in learning as much as you can and reaching out to professionals in the field to figure out if it’s really something you enjoy.

Q - What got you interested in investment banking?
A - My interest in investment banking as a career path upon graduation arose from exposure to the field through case competitions, internships, and student clubs such as UBS and Bruin Asset Managment. These avenues provided insight on what the job entails and made me realize that I enjoy the challenging and dynamic nature of the work.

Q - Any interview tips?
A - Practice. I highly recommend finding a group of friends that you can mock interview with and practice your delivery.

Q - How did you first get involved with UBS?
A - I first got involved with UBS as a Director of the Career Development committee going into junior year.

Q - Best advice someone has ever given to you, in general or in relation to your career interest.
A - Don’t want to sound cliché, but “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

Q - What are your best memories of UBS?
A - Retreats. Enough said.

Q - What should people do at least once in their lives?
A - Travel alone to somewhere new.

Q - What do you like to do for fun?
A - Working out, traveling to new places and music festivals.