Welcome to the UCLA Undergraduate Business Society.

UBS is committed to developing our role as the premier business organization at UCLA: connecting students to professional firms, providing outstanding teaching and mentorship opportunities, and cultivating a collaborative, innovative network of Bruins reaching beyond the walls of UCLA.

The UBS Board boasts a diverse group of ambitious, goal-oriented student leaders and includes many of the most talented people with whom I've ever worked with. Their dedication to improving the opportunities offered to UCLA undergraduates is unparalleled, and gives new meaning to the term excellence.

I am excited about what UBS can accomplish this upcoming year, and encourage you to leverage the resources and networks the organization provides. Furthermore, whether it is affiliating yourself as a general member, contributing as a committee member, or taking on a leadership role on the Board, I urge you to stay connected and look for ways to become more involved with UBS.

It is truly an honor to serve this organization as president in 2017-18, and I am looking forward to a memorable year ahead!



Darren Tan
UBS President